The Hyperlinking Plugin

Bringing hyperlinking to text file navigation...

This plugin provides a simple hyperlinking facility, which allows you to create very lightweight, text-file-based wikis.

Getting Started

Here's how you use it; create a folder and add at least one file with a ".wiki" extension. say;


Now edit

 The apple is a fine fruit. So is the orange.

Put your cursor somewhere inside the word 'apple', like this;

 The ap|ple is a fine fruit. So is the orange.

Hit ctrl+alt+n (navigate). You'll be prompted to see if you want to create a new file, If you say yes, is created and you can start editing it straight away. Easy!

Longer Links

If you want to create a file with a longer name, you can enclose it in square brackets;

Have you ever wondered about the [nutritional values of kiwis]?

Then you can use the same navigation keypress (ctrl+alt+n) to visit 'nutritional values of'


To Install This Plugin

  1. download the Hyperlinking Plugin to your local hard-drive.
  2. double-click the package file
  3. restart Sublime Text

For Developers

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